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When the guns fell silent on November 11, 1918, the British had produced some seven million MkI helmets.With the advent of the Second World War, the British army were using only a slightly improved steel helmet. A new liner system was developed for the MkI in 1936, and existing stocks of the helmets were retrofitted.

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Post War British HSAT Paratrooper Helmet. Markings in Helmet state ROC 2 SK MA 1955 Liner has letters BMB and Size 6 7/8 as shown in the photos. Condition is "Used". Dispatched with Royal Mail Signed For® 2nd Class.

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US Army Infantryman in 1942 wearing Brodie helmet. From 1936 the Mark I Brodie helmet was fitted with an improved liner and an elasticated webbing chin strap. This final variant served until late 1940 when it was superseded by the slightly modified Mk II which served the British and Commonwealth forces throughout World War II.

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Winter of '79: British Army Helmets in 1979: Part 2 Para ...

British Army Helmets in 1979: Part 2 Para & Marine Lids Trying to find concrete information on post war British Para Helmets is difficult. Luckily with our focus being on 20mm miniatures not collecting militaria or 1/6th scale warriors, where the smaller detail of liners, straps and such matters far more.

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The British Colonial Pattern Helmet. A 2nd Boer War example of a khaki Colonial helmet with flash to the 4th or Royal Lancaster Regiment. (Author's collection) The Colonial Pattern helmet was officially introduced for use by the British Army in 1877 1 although it had been worn in India several years prior to that date. Continue reading →.

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7 Nov 2007. #4. there were two types of british helmet in ww11 the dads army lid type which was worn from 1914-1944.-also by the yanks until 42.. and the then new model 44 pat helmet infantry,, tortoise which stayed in service well into the 80s, in some infantry units. any benifit from having a flat helmet -or a jerry type coal scuttle was a ...

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The Mk 6 helmet is a type of combat helmet that was the standard of the British Armed Forces as well as another supplied helmet of the UN during peacekeeping operations. The Mk 6 replaced the Mk IV helmet (more correctly titled - Helmet Steel MK IV, General Service) in army service and the RAC helmet in naval service. The jump in MK numbers is thought due to the confusion surrounding the MK …


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In 1915, armies on the Western Front set about developing a solution. The French came up with the 'Adrian' helmet and the Germans the 'Stahlhelm' but it was the Brodie helmet, eventually issued to the British Army, that became iconic to the 1914-1918 conflict and remained a potent symbol of British soldiering for decades after the Armistice.

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British water slide transfers/decals were made by Gale & Polden of Aldershot, and used by the army & on home front helmets. I believe Canadian soldiers used these as well. But have found out recently that a Canadian company, Artistic Decalcomania of Montreal also produced them.

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German WW2 Helmet's. We sell all types of German Weacht replica helmets, including German Heer (German Army) replica helmets such as the M35 Helmet, M42 Helmet, M35 winter camo, Afrika Korps M35, and the Afrika Korps pith. We also sell the infamous German Luftwaffe Fallschirmjäger (paratroopers) helmet. We do carry some SS Helmets such ...

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Post War Military Helmets, comprising: 5 x Original British Type MK.IV Army Helmets, Post War Middle East Reissues - 2 x Desert Camo, 1 x Police, 1` x Black & 1 x Original British Army Finish. Liners Present in Four Examples. Service wear …

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British Naval Napoleonic 1812 Commander & Above Sword – Item 95900 £1400 Rare British Naval... More Information British Royal Air Force Officers Portrait – Item 95747 £85 Good wartime period pastel... More Information RAF Spitfire Desk Model – Item 95666 £110 Interesting polished hard... More Information WWII Royal Air Force Hong Kong Service Plaque – Item 95663 £125 Large wooden ...

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WW1 British Army Helmet . One of the saddest and least regarded items in our collection is a badly damaged and fragile World War One British army helmet. Our steel helmet was donated by a resident of the Frieth Road who discovered it in the ground whilst having a new garage built.

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Answer (1 of 28): The British Brodie helmet wasn't bad actually. It was inexpensive considerably and offered decent protection against shrapnel fire due to wide brim. In addition, it limited vision and hearing to a much lower extent than comparable French and German designs. All British and Commo...

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British Victorian "Zulu War" uniform. The model 1871 pith helmet is white for foreign service (it would be blue on home service.) The regimental badge was removed in the field. The Green facings represent the 24th foot, although the brass sphinx collar badge is missing. …

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1942 DATED BRITISH ARMY HELMET. British, British Uniforms WW1 WW2, New Items. Stock No. 117613.

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The subject of this article is the British Home Service Helmet, which in this writer's opinion was inspired by the Colonial Pattern sun helmet worn in India from at least as early as the 1850s. "In 1878, nearly forty years after it was first mooted as an alternative headdress, a helmet was approved for the Infantry.

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British 1878 Pattern Home Service Helmet. This Home Service Helmet features the 1881 pattern badge of the South Wales Borderers with the post-1901 King's Crown. The badge features the Welsh Dragon in the center. The Regiment was made famous for its exploits in the Zulu War in 1879. This example was made by Bartels Military Outfitters.



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British Army Helmets in 1979: Part 2 Para & Marine Lids Trying to find concrete information on post war British Para Helmets is difficult. Luckily with our focus being on 20mm miniatures not collecting militaria or 1/6th scale warriors, where the smaller detail of liners, straps and such matters far more.

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A Boer War era period post card show shows the popular khaki colored uniforms of the era . In England, irregular units, including gamekeepers adopted drab colors to hide from game and poachers, and by the Napoleonic Wars British rifle units – including the 95th Regiment of Foot (later The Rifle Brigade) – were outfitted in green jackets ...